Apple iPhone 6s 16GB Silver A Grade Good at Best Price in the UAE
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Apple iPhone 6s 16GB Silver A Grade Good


The Apple iPhone 6s 16GB Silver A Grade is a device that will certainly last long. However, this particular model of the smartphone is still a good option for the targeted consumers in the UAE even when more innovations have been developed in smartphone technology. This blog consists of the discovery of why they have been so popular and whether they are worth buying even today.

Historical significance was also given to iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6s came in September, 2015, and majority of users adopted it since it was a new product on the market. It brought to the table several innovations like 3D Touch, Live Photos, and a much better camera setup. The strong anthropometric performance and an innovative design of the device introduced new tendencies in the development of smartphones.

Features and Specifications

Design and Build Quality

The iPhone 6s has an elegant aluminum frame and very sleek polishing with curves that make it comfortable to hold. The 4. The 7-inch Retina display is a great addition since the colors are bright and images are clear making it suitable for any kind of media and use.

Display and Performance

The iPhone 6s has body dimensions of 138. 7-inch Retina HD display; resolution — 1334 x 750 pixels. With the help of the A9 chip, the device’s performance in various activities ranging from internet surfing to gaming is commendable. It is not very efficient as the current models but it’s fairly suitable for basic as well as moderate usage.

Camera Capabilities

The iPhone 6s had the 12-MP iSight camera on the back which was a major upgrade at the time of its launch and packed with characteristics such as Live Photos and 4K video recording. Although having a 5-megapixel selfie accelerator front camera it also does a good job getting clear portraits and video calls.

Apple iPhone 6s 16GB Silver A Grade Good Camera

Battery and Software Versions

Typically, with average usage, iPhone 6s can go a full day without recharge. To date, apple has provided the iPhone 6s with firmware updates, making sure that it is protected and optimally compatible with the newer iOS.

A Grade Condition Explained

Collectively, the meaning of the acronym A Grade is: The nomenclature “A Grade” is given to a used device which is found to be, with its outer shell (case) & internal parts in perfect condition. These phone have little signs of usage and are put through tests to ensure that are are in good working condition.

Advantages of buying an A Grade device:

Purchasing an A Grade iPhone 6s entails acquiring a smartphone with hardly any signs of wear and tear and with a hefty performance that could easily be associated with a brand new iPhone 6s but at a much fairer price. This option is quite suitable for a section of the market that wants to acquire an iPhone without digging deep into their pockets.

Comparison with New and Other Grades

.When one cannot easily purchase a new iPhone 6s specifically, then A Grade gadgets will provide that new experience. As to B or C Grade phones, they are more usually found to be scratched or slightly damaged in terms of functionality, A Grade phones are worth buying due to their comparatively higher quality for the same price level.

Pricing and Availability- UAE

Current Market Prices

The iPhone 6s 16GB in silver is available starting from AED 400 up to AED 700 depending on the grade it’s listed accordingly to the retail stores.

Most preferred Shops and Online Shopping Sites

Therefore, we have the following popular retailers in the UAE; with A Grade iPhone 6s devices. Other sites such as the online market places and certified resellers also offer a good variety of the second hand iPhones.

Warranty and Return Policies

There are normally a few different guarantees for A Grade goods from the retailer; these can include a limited warranty for the devices in the range of three to six months. Every company seems to have a different returns policy and therefore consumers should consult the supplier in this case.

The study assesses the evaluation of user experience in the UAE.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Consumers in the UAE have expressed their joy on the reliability and performance of the iPhone 6s. Another factor that most people observed is the amount that it is worth considering, most especially as it is relatively cheap in the market.

Common use cases and satisfaction.

iphone 6s is versatile for business, social networks, photography, and any other common activities. Feedback from the users of the site indicate high levels of satisfaction due to the durability of the site as well as the easy to use interface.

Advantages and Disadvantages that Derived from the Users


1. Affordable price

2. Reliable performance

3. Good camera quality

4. Regular software updates


  1. Limited storage (16GB)
  2. Older hardware
  3. This mean that the screen size was comparatively smaller in size as to modern day smartphones.

Environmental and Economic Benefits

Advantages of purchasing a second hand this product:

This way one gets a reasonably good smartphone without emptying their pocket by choosing the pre-owned iPhone 6s in the UAE. And, again, it is a functional type of jewelry when choosing which material is better to save but does not want to overpay for the quality.

Environmental Impact of Choosing a Refurbished Phone

Buying a refurbished phone is an eco-friendly decision. It reduces electronic waste and the demand for new device production, which in turn helps lower carbon emissions and conserves resources.

Apple iPhone 6s 16GB Silver A Grade Good in the UAE


The Apple iPhone 6s 16GB Silver A Grade remains a worthwhile investment in the UAE market. Its blend of reliable performance, decent camera quality, and affordable pricing make it an attractive option for those seeking a budget-friendly yet capable smartphone.

While it may not have all the bells and whistles of the latest models, it still delivers a solid user experience that can meet the needs of many consumers.


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